Terry Marks-Tarlow, Ph.D.

Clinical and Consulting Psychologist

Art Prints

Original drawings created by Dr.Terry Marks-Tarlow can be purchased for your home or office. All drawings are done in colored pencil or pen and ink.  The psychologically themed art is approximately 9" by 12". The figure drawings are all approximately 14" by 17".

Shipping and Handling for 48 states $20.


"Be Yourself" SOLD
Be Yourself

"Chinese Dreams" $225
Chinese Dreams Drawing

"Clinical Intuition 1" SOLD
Clinical Intuition 1 drawing

"Clinical Intuition 2"  $225
Clinical Intuition 2

"Cracked Orlando" $225
Cracked Orlando drawing

"Earned Attachment" $215
Earned Attachment drawing

"Fractal Hand" $95
Fractal Hand

"Free Play" $225
Free Play drawing

"Glee" $225
Glee drawing

"Heal Thyself" $215
Heal Thyself drawing

"Heart of the Rising Sun" $250
Heart of the Rising Sun drawing

"Intuition Map" $250
Intuition Map drawing

"Mother and Child" $95
Mother and Child drawing

"RAD Rt & Left Hemis"  $215
RAD Rt & Left Hemis drawing

"Safe Surprises" $225
Safe Surprises drawing

"Tree of Life" SOLD
Tree of Life drawing

"Nested Dolls" $215

"Baby Bud" $225

"Wild Women"

"Right and Left Hemis" $195

"Buddhas" $185

"Chinese Dragon" $185

"Psyche and Eros" $175

"Flying Pigs" $150

"E-Merging Faces" $175

"Nested Eggs" $215

"Self Reflections" SOLD


 "Caduceous" $185

"Cigar's a Cigar" $175

"Damned if you do" $150

"Dragon and Hero" $185

"Dreams of Dreams of Dreams" $175

"Escher  Hockney Color" $225

"Humpty Dumpty" $215

"Liberty in Hand" $185

"A-Peeling Onion" SOLD

"Placenta and Fetus" $225

"Praise-of-Folly" $175

"Fooling Fools" $150

"Psyche Und Amor Stamp" $175

illpower" $175

"Homunculus" $150


"Beauty in the Breakdown" $275
Beauty in the Breakdown drwaing

"Group With Arch" $275
Group With Arch drawing

"Kalaidoscope Color 3" $275
Kalaidoscope  Color  3 drawing

"Kalaidoscope Color 2" $275
Kalaidoscope  Color  2 drawing

"Kalaidoscope Color" $275
Kalaidoscope  Color drawing

"Kundalini Rising" $275
Kundalini Rising drawing

"Line Fantasy 1" $275
Line Fantasy 1 drawing

"Line Fantasy 2" $275
Line Fantasy 2 drawing

''Psychedelic Ladies" $275
Psychedelic Ladies drawing

"Three Muses" $275
Three Muses drawing

"Veil of Maya" $275
Veil of Maya drawing

"Venus Girls" $275
Venus Girls drawing